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MedAgri membership is free. If your institution is interested to participate as a sponsor or a member, please contact and help us expand this new venture into a collaborative source of information and knowledge sharing.Membres Medagri est libre. Si votre établissement est intéressé à participer en tant que sponsor ou d'un membre, s'il vous plaît et nous aider à développer cette nouvelle aventure en une source d'information collaborative et le partage des connaissances.العضوية مجانية. إذا كانت المؤسسة هي المهتمة للمشاركة كراع أو الأعضاء، يرجى الاتصال ويساعدنا توسيع هذا المشروع الجديد إلى مصدر المعلومات التعاونية وتبادل المعارف.

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MedAgri is a network for international finance institutions, private banks, international development organizations, governments and other institutions involved in agricultural investment in the region. It has been created to facilitate exchange of information and lessons learned on agricultural investment in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region. The SEMED region is a new region of operation of the EBRD and covers the following four countries: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.

For the moment, MedAgri focuses on Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, where EBRD investment operations are already taking place. The MedAgri founding members are the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), with funding from the EBRD’s SEMED Multi-Donor Account (MDA). Donors to the SEMED MDA include Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

MedAgri offers the following services:

  • A website ( hosted and managed by the FAO Investment Centre. It provides information on investment projects, sectors and subsectors, investment-related topics, events and meetings. It also features news, videos and publications.
  • Annual meetings offer an opportunity for direct exchange on the most recent trends in agricultural investment and financing practices in the region. These informal events are designed to build relationships between members, discuss best practices, and avoid duplication of activities, promoting more coordination among key investment players in the region.
  • Thematic workshops and study tours: MedAgri sponsors thematic and country-specific workshops and study tours to enable members to have hands-on experience of practical agribusiness-related issues.