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23 October, 2018

EBRD-FAO Global Forum | Responsible Private Sector Investments in Food and Agriculture
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11 July, 2018

Faciliter le dialogue politique public-privé dans le secteur de l’huile d’olive approuvé en 2016
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Private Sector for Food Security: Improving the Investment Climate in Egypt's Agribusiness Sector

Private Sector for Food Security: Improving the Investment Climate in Egypt's Agribusiness Sector
EBRD and FAO are organizing a forum focused on responsible private sector investment and improved public-private policy dialogue in the Egyptian agriculture sector. The forum will explore ways to unleash Egypt’s agricultural potential by increasing private sector investments in food production, improving agrifood trade logistics, promoting exports and addressing import inefficiencies.

Given Egypt’s dependence on international food commodity markets and its susceptibility to food supply shocks, active dialogue between the public and private sectors is key to ensuring a sustainable long-term approach to tackling food security concerns.

Following the success of the high-level inter-regional conference Private Sector for Food Security held in Istanbul in 2012, the EBRD/FAO forum in Cairo will be an exceptional opportunity to strengthen public-private sector dialogue on the development of more efficient and inclusive agrifood systems in the country and to identify the role that International Financing Institutions (IFIs) like EBRD can play in supporting responsible agricultural investment in Egypt.


The forum aims to identify ways to make the agribusiness investment climate in Egypt more attractive, in particular through policy improvements that could unlock private investment opportunities, and investment areas that would enhance Egypt’s food security situation. Investment opportunities will be assessed from the angle of making Egypt’s agrifood systems more efficient and inclusive.
Public and private sector participants will have a unique occasion to debate how Egypt’s agriculture value chain could become more efficient and inclusive. They will be acquainted with the role that IFIs – such as EBRD – can play in supporting responsible agrifood investments and policy reforms. The intention of the organizers is to create a standing platform for public-private policy dialogue on the development of Egypt’s agriculture sector.

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