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23 October, 2018

EBRD-FAO Global Forum | Responsible Private Sector Investments in Food and Agriculture
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11 July, 2018

Faciliter le dialogue politique public-privé dans le secteur de l’huile d’olive approuvé en 2016
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Private Sector for Food Security: Promoting Private Agricultural Investment & Trade from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean

Private Sector for Food Security: Promoting Private Agricultural Investment & Trade from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean
EBRD and FAO, jointly with other development partners, organized a conference with a unique focus on the private sector's role in addressing food security through investment along the food chain. The event, which was opened by EBRD's President, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, and FAO's Director-General, José Graziano da Silva, offered an unprecedented format for identifying key areas where private sector investment could make a difference in boosting agricultural production and trade. It also looked at how the private sector could be more closely associated to future policy-making processes. Private sector participants were given a platform to share experiences across regions and formulate messages directly to policy makers.

Over the past years, high and volatile agricultural commodity prices have re-emerged as a key risk to international food security. Food importing countries, such as those from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (“SEMED”) region are highly dependent on international markets, with a significant share of their grain supplies coming from the Black Sea countries and Central Asia (“BSCA”). At the same time, BSCA countries – in particular the large grain exporters Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine – are becoming increasingly important players on global food markets with the potential to contribute to food security on a larger scale. In these two regions with contrasted profiles, massive investments are needed to tackle food security issues – and the private sector is key to filling this gap.

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Documentation for Attendees
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'Private sector is the key to tackle hunger' Press release view
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Working Session 1 - Improving regional trade routes: Morocco, Russia
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Presentation: Promoting Private Agricultural Investment and Trade view
Video: Moroccan agribusiness - thirsty for investment view
Video: The Grain Chain view
Working session summary view
Working Session 2 - Developing storage and commodity-backed financing: Bulgaria, Egypt, Kazakhstan
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Presentation: Kazakhstan's system of Grain Warehouse Receipts view
Video: Creaming the crop - grain warehouse receipts in Serbia view
Working session summary
Working Session 3 - Developing farming through vertical integration: Jordan, Serbia and Turkey
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Presentation: Agribusiness companies sourcing from small and medium farmers view
Video: Toasting Morocco's future view
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Working Session 4 - Fostering private-public dialogue: Tunisia, Ukraine
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Presentation: Public-private dialogue in the area of food security
Video: Nibulon view
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