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Agricultural Value Chain Development Project in the Mountain Zones of Al-Haouz Province

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This project will directly benefit approximately 33,000 people ? including smallholder farmers and livestock producers, women, young people and landless farmers ? whose livelihoods are affected by the upward and downward linkages of the olive, apple and lamb-meat value chain.The project?s overall goal is to alleviate rural poverty through sustainable growth in the incomes of poor rural women, men and young people involved in the three agricultural production sub-sectors referenced above.More specifically, the project will:
  • raise the productivity and quality of the three targeted products
  • enhance the value added of the targeted products through processing and packaging
  • improve producers? access to more lucrative markets.
In addition, the project will increase women?s participation in the planning and implementation of project activities by:
  • providing technical and organizational capacity-building
  • facilitating access to credit.
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9,100,000 USD