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Morocco: Adoption of climate technologies in the agrifood sector

 The EBRD and FAO started collaborating on the methodology document “Monitoring the adoption of key sustainable climate technologies in the agrifood sector”. This study involved several FAO technical vi divisions and was also conducted in coordination with the International Energy Agency (IEA). The study is intended to provide guidance for tracking technology adoption rates in agrifood supply chains and also to inform policymakers and investors on opportunities to increase the uptake of climate technologies. The present document applies the methodology to the case of Morocco and provides legislators and businesses with a better understanding of the market penetration of selected green technologies in Morocco’s agrifood sector. It also highlights the potential for improvements in the use of climate-related technologies and practices and offers multiple perspectives to policymakers and investors (financial, economic, environmental, social and legislative, among others) on the utility of each technology and practice. Morocco has already launched an ambitious national programme to combat climate change and enhance environmental sustainability, and the findings of this report are expected to contribute to current and future climate action initiatives at the national level, while providing an example that can be replicated in other countries.
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