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Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia: Key trends in the agrifood sector

A new joint report, “The Agrifood sector in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean: Key trends in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan, published by the FAO and the EBRD seeks to keep investors abreast of current trends in agribusiness and food security in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region.
The population of the SEMED region is expected to increase by 7 percent in the next five years, along with per capita income which will undoubtedly change the dynamics of food and agriculture. Demand for meat and dairy products, oilseeds and sugar is expected to increase, with higher income levels and a more educated urban population translating into greater demand for higher quality food products. It contains four country notes with analyses of food consumption patterns, production and trade, as well as agricultural policies.

This publication provides a comparative analysis across countries and sought to reframe the analysis of sector trends in the region into a readily-accessible format in order to contribute to more effective and efficient policies for improved food security and nutrition. 
Food security in the region is a serious challenge because the population is growing quickly, as is per capita income. Not only will countries in the region need to produce more food to feed a larger population, but they will also need to accommodate the growing demand for more varied types and qualities of food items.