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Jordan: Water along the food chain

Jordan: Water along the food chain

An analytical brief of selected food chains from a water perspective
In Jordan, water is both crucial and scarce.  The agricultural industry annually soaks up most of the country's groundwater, with sixty percent being used on irrigation alone.  However, renewable water resources fall far short of the current demand.  Recent surveys show a negative 46 million cubic meters in the ratio of resource to use, an imbalance projected to continue into the future, and which will only be made worse by climate change.

In response to the crisis, the government of Jordan has agreed to be one of four countries to participate in "Water along the food chain," a joint FAO/EBRD project. This report is one part of the project, with the goal to steer one of the driest countries in the world onto a productive and sustainable path.

Analysis carried out by the team shows that full-integrated farms consume only half the water consumed by their non-integrated counterparts.  Bringing these outdated farms up to date will bring the country one step closer to a sustainable model of industry and agriculture.
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