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Poultry meat: production in the MedAgri region in 2012
Region total
Poultry meat: imports to the MedAgri region in 2012
1000 tonnes
Egypt 135
Jordan 60
Tunisia 3.7
Morocco 2.8
Regional total 201.5
Source: FAO

Poultry and Eggs

Poultry and Eggs
Poultry meat figures in the MedAgri region in 2012:
  • The MedAgri region produced about 1.8 million tonnes
  • Egypt was the largest producer with about 790 thousand tonnes (45% of total regional production)
  • The MedAgri region produced 91% of what it consumed
  • The MedAgri region imported about 202 thousand tonnes
  • Egypt was the largest importer with about 135 thousand tonnes (67% of total regional imports)
  • Domestic consumption in the MedAgri region was about 1.9 million tonnes
  • Egypt had the highest domestic consumption in the MedAgri region with about 921 thousand tonnes (48% of total regional domestic consumption)
  • Per capita consumption in the MedAgri region was about 14.5kg/yr

Poultry, or domestic birds, are raised for their meat and eggs and are an important source of edible animal protein. Poultry meat represents about 33% of global meat production, with chickens and turkeys being the most common sources of poultry meat (chickens 87%; turkeys 6.7% of total poultry production, respectively), however other commercially available poultry meats include meat from ducks (about 4% of total poultry production) and from geese, pigeons, pheasants, ostriches, and emus. Broilers are the main type of chicken produced by modern integrated poultry raising facilities due to their high feed-meat conversation ratio and are specially bred for meat because they grow much faster than other breeds of chicken. The average growth cycle is about six weeks for a broiler, when they reach an average weight of about 2.5kg. Hen eggs represent 92% of the global primary production of eggs. Poultry prices may vary significantly, influenced by seasonal patterns, input costs and relative costs of competing meats.

Poultry is the most important protein source in the MedAgri region through poultry meat and eggs, with broiler chickens being one of the most successful ventures in industrial meat production in the region. Poultry meat imports to the MedAgri region have increased from 9.6 thousand tons in 2003 to 201.5 thousand tons in 2012 and is one of the fastest growing industries in Egypt and Jordan, with imports to Egypt growing from about 1.8 thousand tons in 2003 to 135 thousand tons in 2012 and imports to Jordan growing from 5.6 thousand tons in 2003 to 60 thousand tons in 2012. T
he number of poultry farms in Jordan has increased substantially over the past couple decades and the production of poultry meat has become the largest facet of the poultry industry. Family poultry farming also plays a major role in the economy of rural Morocco, providing cash income and job opportunities, and remains one of the most popular and economically rewarding means of supplying animal proteins to local communities. 

Source: FAO

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